Dandie Dinmont

Dandie Dinmont was composed by Tom Cunningham to a text written by Alexander McCall Smith inspired by the Walter Scott novel Guy Mannering.

Narrator (spoken role)
Children (chorus of Dandie Dinmont’s children)
Footpad 1 (contralto, minor role, can be sung by Wife or Meg)
Footpad 2 (baritone, minor role, can be sung by Narrator)
Dandie (Dandie Dinmont, baritone)
Harry (tenor)
Meg (Meg Merrilees, mezzo-soprano)
Wife (Dandie Dinmont’s wife, mezzo-soprano)
Julia (soprano)
These three female roles could be shared by two singers.
The minimum number of performers is therefore five plus the children.

Duration: approximately 50 minutes.

First performance, Melrose, 15th June 2019.